Freight Market

Feb 20, 2017 | News

Production and consumption are the two core elements of economic systems and are both interrelated through the conventional supply and demand relationship.

As the range of production expanded, transport systems adapted to the new operational realities in local, regional and international freight distribution. Freight transportation offers a whole spectrum of services catering to cost, time and reliability priorities and has consequently taken an increasingly important role within our company.

With commodities standing at the forefront of international economics, the majority of the bulk commodities can only be transferred only by sea, due to the volume and transportable characteristics, which include all shorts of raw materials as well as finished products, naming some such as grains, wheat, soya beans,bauxite, precious minerals, steels, coal, iron ore, alumina, fertilizers, sugar and many others. Their value is derived from utility, supply and demand, which is established through major commodity markets involving a constant price discovery mechanism, but the trading volume and value is also affected by the number of those needing ships available in the market.

Investement banks and hedge funds were and still are active to make profits on speculating on price movements and ships values.

ISBC, through tonnage diversification has achieve to load any type of bulk cargo from almost everywhere in the world. 

In the handy,handymax and ultramax segment all vessels are equipped with cranes and grabs, which ensure maximum flexibility for self-handling of cargoes, in remote areas or where port facilities are insufficient.