50 years

sailing the Seven Seas


Ikaros Shipping &
Brokerage Ltd (ISBC)
was established in 1985.

It dynamically entered the dry bulk sector, by initially purchasing, the M/V Ken Sea, a Japanese built log-bulk carrier, of about 17,000 m/t deadweight. That ship was the first bearing as part of its name composition, the “KEN”*, and indeed that ship brought to ISBC prosperity and eagerness in the pursuit for more.

ISBC grabbed the impulse to continue in the dry-bulk sector by purchasing more ships, solely bulk-carriers, and ONLY built in Japan, from well-known houses, such as NYK, Pacific Basin, Anglo-Eastern, Mitsui, Sanko, Marubeni, and the list goes on.

It was the time, that ISBC tonnage was welcomed by major Charterers, especially at that time Japanese, trading, mainly in the Far East and in particular between Japan and the Persian Gulf. Charterers such as Sanko, MOSK, NYK, Cargill, Sinochart, Eastern Ocean, ED&F Man, Panocean, Daeyang Shipping, Transammonia, Canpotex, Hudson Shipping Lines are some to the endless list.

Following the steadily continued growth, it was the time in 1995, to be transferred to our new private building, located steps away from the Piraeus shipping center.


A strong shipping culture is
an important part of ISBC’s
offer to customers, associates
and employees.

The shipping culture is based on our SQHE Policy and ISBC’s core values; safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, avoidance of damage to the environment, customer satisfaction. Along with clear policies on safety and environment, customers’ relations, risk management, this provides ISBC with a solid fundamental for prosperous business and gives ISBC’s customers and associates a clear indication of what to expect.


Our vision statement:

→ The quest for continuous improvement.

→ Diversity for better services tomorrow than today.

→ Covenant for prosperity and sustainable environment.

→ To provide services in an ethical, transparent and challenging manner.

→ Experienced people. Open minded to creativity. Team spirit work.




We aspire to work for the good of ISBC and think and act as a team. We demonstrate a genuine interest in the needs of clients and colleagues and do our utmost to understand their situation and viewpoints.

A benchmark for how well we live by this value is our ability to build close relationships with clients, cooperatives and colleagues and create a unique team spirit.


We aspire to ensure that our presence makes a positive contribution towards sustainable environment, through our ethical, socially and environmentally respectful operations. A clean environment is our genuine interest, by continuously improving safety, quality and environmental skills of personnel both ashore and onboard.


We aspire to demonstrate a behavior that reflects our inspiration to act with integrity, and aspiration of building trust to our clients and customers

Safety at Sea
& Prevention of
Human Integrity

We will never forgo safety. We aspire to be open towards different and better ways to secure a safe, alike home environment, aboard our ships, by providing safe practices in ships’ operation and establish safeguards against all identified risks by constant contingency planning. People are more important than results and material goods.


Safety & Quality at Sea

Ikaros Shipping & Brokerage Ltd. is, as technical manager of dry cargo vessels, certified by ClassNK (The Japanese classification society) in accordance with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) chapter IX, International Safety Management (ISM) as adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) resolution A.741 (18).

Environmental and safety issues have always been integral to
ISBC’s way of conducting business.

Ikaros Shipping & Brokerage Ltd., (“The Company”) is committed
to the safe and environmentally conscious operation of ships
through a proactive management system, both ashore and at sea.

The Company has developed and implemented its Safety
Management System (SMS) which has the objectives of ensuring:

Safety at sea and prevention of human injury or loss of life

Avoidance of damage to the environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property

Customer satisfaction is enhanced by determining and meeting their requirements.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the
day-to-day management, organization and
development of the Company, the preparation
and implementation of the strategy and
internal and external reporting and follow-up.

ISBC’s operational activities are managed through our business departments, situated at the headquarters in Piraeus which are:




Post Fixing




Safety &




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